Application Process Age Requirements Pre-K 2 thru K4 A learning program for four-year-old children who have turned 2 by December 31, and who demonstrate learning readiness with the exceptions made upon the evaluation of the child by the Principal. This is a program of educational experiences and fun with Pre-Kindergarten 2’s and 4’s. A birth certificate or other satisfactory proof of age is required.  Kindergarten 5 Applicants for kindergarten 5 must be five years old before December 31 of the school year. Proof of age is required. First Grade Applicants for first grade must be six years old before December 31 of the school year. Proof of age is also required for new students. Placement of New Students Upon entrance, the school administrator accepts the grade placement designation provided by the school from which the student transferred. However, this is a trial placement, and testing and other forms of evaluation will be administered to all new students to aid in assessing proper grade placement. If it is determined that the student is not able to perform successfully in the grade placement made, it may be necessary to make a revised assignment or academic recommendations. Any change of assignment will be made in consultation with the parents so that they fully understand the reason for such assignment. The final decision on placement rests with the administration. We regret Southern Christian Academy is not equipped to handle students with severe academic, behavioral, or physical disabilities, but we will do our best to work with each student with special needs to provide optimum support for his/her educational experience. Waiting Lists Once a maximum number of students have been enrolled for a class, all other applicants are placed on a waiting list. If the waiting list exceeds the minimum requirement prescribed by the school board, the Principal may authorize the establishment of a new class. Admissions Requirements Application fees are assessed upon submission of the following: 1. Completed application form 2. Financial Agreement Form 3. A copy of applicant’s birth certificate 4. A copy of all immunization records. A health check is required at the time of admission. Student’s immunization must be current and documented as such. 5. Copies of the applicant’s report cards for the last two years and official transcript* of records except those in kindergarten. 6. Certificate of adoption/guardianship/power of attorney if student lives with someone other than birth parents. *Transfer students with an unofficial transcript will be eligible for conditional enrollment, which is an enrollment of 30 days. An official transcript must be received within those 30 days, if the student is to receive credit for any courses taken at the previous school. Non-Immigrant Students: This school is authorized under Federal law to enroll non-immigrant alien students who may desire to attend SCA upon completion and submission of all required documents. Diagnostic Tests Diagnostic tests are administered to new students to determine the student’s needs and academic level. Christian Education Parent Orientation Parents or legal guardians will attend a Christian Education orientation on a date designated by the administration. Interview with the Principal After diagnostic tests are administered, the grades are posted, officials review the application, Christian Education parent orientation attended, and the Principal interviews the parents and the applicants. It is at this interview that the parents are given the opportunity to discuss any concerns regarding the school’s policies, philosophy, and diagnostic testing results. Upon the student’s acceptance, the registration fee will need to be paid before the student is considered officially registered.