Preschool to Middle School Subjects offered for preschool to middle school include the following: Bible, computer, math,  numbers or arithmetic, history, English or language, literature, phonics, reading, science,  spelling, penmanship or writing, physical education, music, and art High School Courses offered and required credits for high school include the following: Bible (4 Credits) Introduction to Christianity/Bible Study Skills Studies of Doctrines World Religions/Worldviews/ Marriage & Family/Apologetics Evolution/Creation/Cosmology/ Career Planning / Biblical Worldviews English (4 Credits) English Grammar, Composition, and Literature English Grammar, Composition, and World Literature English Grammar, Composition, and American Literature Thesis Writing and English Literature **Advanced Placement: Grammar and Composition Math (4 Credits) Elective Courses (4 Credits) Pre-Algebra Computer 1 and 2 /Computer Aided Drafting Algebra 1 and 2   Japanese 1,2,3 or Spanish 1, 2 Geometry Speech & Drama Trigonometry/ Pre-Calculus Yearbook/Photojournalism Business Mathematics Peer Tutoring/Teacher Aid **Advanced Placement -Calculus Life Skills Science (3 Credits) Physical Education (2 Credits) Physical Science P.E. & Health 1 Biology P.E. & Health 2 Chemistry Fitness for Life Physics Social Science (4 Credits) American Government and World Geography World History U. S. History Pacific Island’s History Economics **Advanced Placement History SUBJECTS/COURSES OFFERED