Southern Christian Academy offers a curriculum for Preschool thru Grade 12 that prepare students for life.  SCA uses a curriculum that has been adapted from A-Beka, McDougal Littell, Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), Harcourt Brace, and Pacific Region Educational Laboratory publications.  Supplemental resources are based on sound scholarship, common sense, and the Word of God.   SCA students are provided with web-based supplemental educational resources and hands-on learning opportunities that will serve as interventions for those who are academically challenged; gifted or with a learning disability. SCA’s instructional program provides support for strong experiences in and understanding of core subjects with an emphasis on effective communication, critical thinking, and career planning. The curriculum facilitates the development, improvement and expansion of the use of technology in college-and-career ready expectations for all students.  It allows effective integration and the use of challenging yet practical academic resources through the use of technology thus, equipping students with critical thinking, writing, mathematics, and scientific skills necessary for life. High academic standards are maintained for all students with the expectation that each can succeed. Every child is encouraged to maximize his/her learning potential and to develop a lifelong love for learning. Students will be equipped with a high-quality education to think critically and to influence the world for Christ. Southern Christian Academy believes in the power of the mind, the spark of curiosity and ingenuity that lights the world around us. This is the foundation of SCA’s academic programs. The curriculum and its correlated materials for all subjects are bound with specific examples aimed at Christian character building.  Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are available to provide students with opportunities to apply what is learned in the classroom setting. Curriculum Overview